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  • Management Minute for The Mechanical Repair Professional 8/18/18

    Thursday 16 August 2018

    Jeff Peevy, AMAM During last week's industry events in Atlanta, an industry veteran expressed their frustration with the younger generation and their different approach and perspective of "work." It came up that most training is geared toward veterans learning to work with them and it should be the other way around. As we talked, I decided to spend more of my time engaging the younger people that attended the various events. This was a great experience and here is my conclusion. The younger generations that are beginning to enter our industry are more equipped to deal with the speed of change and the volume of information than most of us veterans of the industry. We have to stop trying to make them fit in our world and begin understanding theirs. Our role as veterans is to provide context and guidance, but mentoring needs to go both ways for us all to win. If you have not checked out our training series on [email protected], you should

  • Management Minute for The Collision Repair Professional 8/2/2018

    Thursday 02 August 2018

    Jeff Peevy, AMAM The new driver of competitive advantage is the speed in which an individual or organization can learn. Learning equals the ability to adapt and adaptability in today's business environment equals competitive advantage. Now more than ever, hiring someone for their willingness and capacity to learn may be more important than knowledge and experience. For us "more seasoned" professionals that can sting a little, but when we have knowledge, experience AND willingness to learn we have the strongest combination. My friend Mike Jones of Discover Leadership encourages us all to "play like a rookie" and that truly is great advice! A natural thirst to learn is the key to staying relevant. By the way, if you are going to the Collision Industry Conference or NACE/Automechanika, let me know, I would love to say hello

  • Management Minute for The Mechanical Repair Professional 8/1/18

    Thursday 02 August 2018

    Jeff Peevy, AMAM Profitability - the Oxford Dictionary says it is the, "degree to which a business or activity yields profit or financial gain." In our industry, profitability isn't always easy. There is often a fine line between profit and loss. However, profitability is commonly referred to as some mysterious thing that you either find or you don't. Truth is, it's not easy, but it isn't magic available only to a few. Profitability comes by doing a few key things well and knowing how you are doing along they way and making the necessary adjustments. Jeremy O'Neal provided AMi with a great course on the topic. See below for more information on the course and to view a short video